Liberation Of Auschwitz


“Mankind is capable of such wonderful dreams, but also such terrible nightmares”

I should think it hard for anyone to have missed in the news that today is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the terrible story of mans inhumanity to man is something that should be ingrained in the consciousness of any civilised person.

Watching news reports on the horrors of the death camps takes the breath away, but standing in the very spot it happened is even more poignant. A few years ago a request from my daughter (who at the time was studying World War 2 and Anne Franks) led to us visiting Amsterdam to see the house that Anne Franks had spent most of the war cooped up in. As we were leaving the house there was a display showing scenes from Auschwitz. My daughter turned and asked if we would be able to go there and see it at first hand.

The next short break we could fit in saw us flying to Krakow for a few days, during which we travelled to Auschwitz and spent a day in the camp. Photos don’t really convey the full horror, when you see a giant room filled with false limbs that had been taken from victims, and realise just how many people were needed to be exterminated to acquire that many false legs, or a room filled with children’s shoes piled to the ceiling it begins to dawn upon you the scale of the slaughter.

The most poignant thing we came across didn’t really sink in until about a week after the trip. We had taken a number of photos, and one of them was a small piece of bent wire stuck in a wooden block, there was no information with it, and it was impossible to tell if it was something the officials had placed there or some visiting individual.  At first I didn’t realise what it was, but suddenly a few days later I realised that it was a mother and father holding the hands of a child between them. The camp guide had mentioned that the platform we had been stood on was where most families would have spent the last moments together as a family.

Never Underestimate The Predictability Of Stupidity

We meet all sorts of folks on our (mis)adventures around this green and pleasant land of ours. We have met some extremely clever people, but conversely some rip roaring idiots.

There are 2 in particular which stand out head and shoulders above the others. The first was the dean of a major Oxford college, now you would, not unreasonably in my opinion, expect a man holding this august position to possess as least a modicum of sense.

A close friend of mine, William was operating a Ferris Wheel on my behalf at the college in question, he rang me a little worried, “Have we been paid for this job?”,

“Yep all paid up” was the confident reply, “Why?”

“Well”, says William, “The Dean has just told me the ride is unsafe and asked me to remove it from his college”

Now all of our attractions carry an annual inspection certificate from an independent engineer, and have a daily check record that is filled in every time the ride is operated, additionally the ride in question was a first class Wheel, so this puzzled me a little, I sent William back to find out exactly what the Dean’s problem was.

When he rang me back, he could just about tell the why between howling with laughter, what had transpired was this, when a Ferris wheel is erected, you basically construct what look like to giant spoked wheels parallel with each other. Once you have done this you hang, what we call the ‘cars’ (but are actually bench seats) between the 2 wheels at predetermined points. William had got as far as constructing the wheels but not fitting the cars when the Dean had turned up, what he had actually said was “Look at that ride, its a disgrace, there is no where for my students to sit, if they have to cling to the arms as it goes around and fall off near the top, THEY COULD BE KILLED!, look how high it is”.

Once William had actually shown him the seats and explained where they went he calmed down and the night went ahead as planned.

The second genius we encountered made this man look like Albert Einstein, but I will tell you about her in the next post.

Ferris Wheel
William Lock Big Wheel

The Magic Of Television

We quite often end up supplying attractions for television programs, movies, adverts etc. Before doing this I used to wonder why programs were so expensive to make. After doing this you realised that even something like a 20 second advert has a cast of thousands making the actual program, and a 20 second advert usually takes 4 or 5 days to film.

The Regatta ad below was one we supplied some items to, they had them 4 days and if you are quick you can see our kit for about a second and a half, they had a small stall, chestnut cart, giant santa figure and a children’s carousel.




Hello world!

Baby we’re back!

This isn’t our first blog, we ran one for a number of years in the days before WordPress became the tour de force it is now. Unfortunately a sudden dramatic increase in the amount of corporate work we were winning meant that we just didn’t have time to keep it updated and it pretty much stagnated.

Well now with new members of staff on the team, and some organisational improvements we should hopefully be able to once again inform the world at large of the many successes (and moments of, well farce) that we are involved in. The design of the blog should improve as we roll out our revamped website in the coming couple of months, and as the funfair season gets back into operation we hope to bring you a steady stream of news, views and escapades.

To kick things off we are going to re publish a number of articles we added to our original blog giving insiders tips on how to win at some of the most popular games on the funfair (along with the methods used to try and stop you).

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