Hello world!

Baby we’re back!

This isn’t our first blog, we ran one for a number of years in the days before WordPress became the tour de force it is now. Unfortunately a sudden dramatic increase in the amount of corporate work we were winning meant that we just didn’t have time to keep it updated and it pretty much stagnated.

Well now with new members of staff on the team, and some organisational improvements we should hopefully be able to once again inform the world at large of the many successes (and moments of, well farce) that we are involved in. The design of the blog should improve as we roll out our revamped website in the coming couple of months, and as the funfair season gets back into operation we hope to bring you a steady stream of news, views and escapades.

To kick things off we are going to re publish a number of articles we added to our original blog giving insiders tips on how to win at some of the most popular games on the funfair (along with the methods used to try and stop you).

In the meantime if you want to look at the sort of things we provide, our website is at www.funfairgames.net

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