Yarm Gala 2015

This years Yarm gala is on 21st June, and once again we are supplying a funfair to support the rest of the days events.

We have been supplying the gala since 2008, but Yarm gala has a much longer history than that.

The original Gala was promoted by the The Oddfellows, an influential friendly society organisation of local tradesmen and dates back to before 1884, when at one time it was attended by some 26,000 people!

The popular annual event, was held within the grounds of The Friarage on Whit-Monday and Tuesday each year. The Meynell family, who were the Lords of the Manor, owned The Friarage and the land around it and who generously allowed the use of their land every year.

Eventually it fizzled out, and was revived for a short time in the 1920’s until disappearing once again.

Eventually a new town council decided to re launch the event, and we have been involved since the new gala came into being. Yarm is always a busy town, and usually when we attend Yarm fair in October it was always one of our best events, the gala proved similarly to be quite a well attended do.

The year of the Queens jubilee it was moved to a slightly earlier time in the year, which had us worried but in the event it proved to be even more popular that year.

We shall have a selection of family friendly rides and games there again, if its the latest white knuckle experience you are after then apologies, that’s not what the original brief from the council was, it was to be strictly aimed at families.


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