Winning On The Cork Guns

The Cork Gun Shooting Range

With the insidious march of the health and safety Gestapo, in many cases pellet guns are being replaced with cork guns. unfortunately these don’t lend themselves to accurate shooting, its nothing to do with the actual guns, rather its the ammunition. Guns usually fire bullets which are shaped aerodynamically to ensure that they slip through the air in a straight line (well due to the effects of gravity its not actually straight but we aren’t looking to give an in depth physics lesson on the terminal ballistics of bullet trajectories).

Corks on the other hand are, well, cork shaped, so they have a tendency to either tumble in flight, or fly off in a random direction or both. See the video below….

You would be better off not using the sights and using the gun like a shotgun, basically try and line the barrel up with the target. Also check the cork is in the end of the gun straight, if it is at a slight angle it tends to exacerbate the tumbling effect, some operators will load the gun for you and deliberately push the cork in at an angle.

There are a number of targets used with cork guns, some like packets of sweets, empty coke cans, ping pong balls basically are straight games, if you hit them they fall down, move or whatever needs to be done to win.

One of the games which isn’t straight is the ring over the bottle neck, this is usually a small plastic ring of about 5 inches diameter, balanced on the top of a bottle, you hit the ring and if it falls over the neck of the bottle you win. However what people are unaware of is the small groove filed across the top of the bottle neck, what happens is that when you hit the ring, it flicks up and jumps clear of the bottle neck. If there is a large pitch (crowd of onlookers) the attendant will sometimes balance the ring off the groove so someone hitting it will win, and hopefully persuade people to play the game.



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