Never Underestimate The Predictability Of Stupidity

We meet all sorts of folks on our (mis)adventures around this green and pleasant land of ours. We have met some extremely clever people, but conversely some rip roaring idiots.

There are 2 in particular which stand out head and shoulders above the others. The first was the dean of a major Oxford college, now you would, not unreasonably in my opinion, expect a man holding this august position to possess as least a modicum of sense.

A close friend of mine, William was operating a Ferris Wheel on my behalf at the college in question, he rang me a little worried, “Have we been paid for this job?”,

“Yep all paid up” was the confident reply, “Why?”

“Well”, says William, “The Dean has just told me the ride is unsafe and asked me to remove it from his college”

Now all of our attractions carry an annual inspection certificate from an independent engineer, and have a daily check record that is filled in every time the ride is operated, additionally the ride in question was a first class Wheel, so this puzzled me a little, I sent William back to find out exactly what the Dean’s problem was.

When he rang me back, he could just about tell the why between howling with laughter, what had transpired was this, when a Ferris wheel is erected, you basically construct what look like to giant spoked wheels parallel with each other. Once you have done this you hang, what we call the ‘cars’ (but are actually bench seats) between the 2 wheels at predetermined points. William had got as far as constructing the wheels but not fitting the cars when the Dean had turned up, what he had actually said was “Look at that ride, its a disgrace, there is no where for my students to sit, if they have to cling to the arms as it goes around and fall off near the top, THEY COULD BE KILLED!, look how high it is”.

Once William had actually shown him the seats and explained where they went he calmed down and the night went ahead as planned.

The second genius we encountered made this man look like Albert Einstein, but I will tell you about her in the next post.

Ferris Wheel
William Lock Big Wheel

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