Image of a traditional dodgem track

Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Dodgems Ride

Over the last few years we have had numerous conversations like the following ;

Potential client “Hello, do you do doughnut cart hire?”

Us “Yes we do, for your area its x amount ”

Potential Client “We have been offered it for half that !”

Us “We suggest you book it then as we cant meet that price ”

Potential Client “We did book it but they let us down !”

We understand that everyone has a budget, but if you went shopping for a Porsche car and the one you wanted was £50,000 and suddenly someone offered you the exact same one for £10,000 you would rightly be suspicious, yet people price around for rides like the dodgems and book one at a price that wont actually cover the operators costs, and then are surprised when it either doesn’t turn up, or what turns up is a load of rubbish.

What To Ask For

There are a few basics items that you need to clarify when booking a dodgem ride.

  • How many cars does it come with
  • Does it have lights and music
  • How big is it
  • Do you have insurance, risk assessments and method statements, ADIPS and maintenance records

How Many Cars Does It Come With?

Most dodgems in the UK have 14-16 cars, this is a good number for a typical sized track, many more and you end up with a situation much like a busy day on the M25, nothing moves. You don’t however want many less, some operators give a stupidly cheap quote and then you end up with perhaps 6 cars.

Does it have lights and music?

Nearly all dodgem rides do, but again, some operators turn up without then attempt to negotiate the price up to add them.

How Big Is It?

Really important, don’t just book a ride and assume it will fit in your venue because they have had a dodgem in the past, sizes vary from 50 ft x 45 ft to around 100 ft x 60 ft so you could get a shock, we service a couple of venues that can only fit a handful of the dodgems available in this country.

Do you have insurance, risk assessments and method statements ADIPS and maintenance records?

Again don’t take it for granted that they do, if a particular job you ask for a price on has everyone quoting £1900 for dodgems, and someone can do it for £1000 then they need to save expenses somewhere, and insurance or maintenance could be the expense they are knocking off.

The name on the insurance certificate should match the name on the ADIPS certificate (ADIPS is a testing scheme for funfair rides, much like a cars annual MOT)

The insurance will quite often be in a different name to the company you have booked the ride from, usually this isn’t a problem, most reputable hire companies work as a giant cooperative and use each others equipment to keep fuel and travel costs low, any company that tells you they can hire you a complete funfair and they own all of the equipment will probably be less than truthful, if they do own all the equipment then all the insurance and ADIPS will be in their name, its an easy way to check, and if they are lying about this, what else are they not being honest about, just something to consider.


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picture of a modern dodgem track ride
Modern Continental Dodgem Track
Image of a traditional dodgem track
A traditional English style dodgem track

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