Dodgems For Hire

Dodgems Hire

If dodgems are required for your event (and lets face it being the No.1 fairground ride, they should be ), then we can offer you the best deals on top quality rides. Contact us for any fairground rides for hire and let us put a package together for you.

We have a full range of track sizes and types of dodgems, from the traditional wooden British bumper cars to the continental or modern dodgems. These are perfect for weddings, parties and corporate events such as fun days or sales promotions.

A typical traditional track takes around 5-6 hours to erect, some of the modern rides as little as 3 hours. You end up with a funfair ride that is perfect for children and adults alike. Who can resist the lure of speeding around a track to smash into your opposition, in complete safety.

•Safety And Insurance
•Our rides are provided with;
•Public Liability Insurance
•ADIPS Annual Inspection Certificates
•Daily Check Log Books
•Risk Assessments
•Method Statements

And all other required safety documentation. You can hire from us knowing that all of the legal bases are covered, and your guests will have a fabulous, and most importantly, safe event.

Traditional Dodgems For Hire
Continental Dodgems For Hire
Another Continental Dodgem Track
If you want to complement your event when you hire dodgems, we can also supply rides to make a perfect package, including Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Helter Skelter, or the more modern high speed thrill rides.

Of course no event is complete without funfair food, and we also provide the full range of candy floss, hot dogs, and hot and cold refreshments. You can have hassle free hire by letting us plan, set up and operate your event. We stress, so that you don't have to!

When it comes to track size and quantity of cars on a dodgem set, we have various options, most funfair dodgems in the U.K. have 14-16 dodgem cars and are around 64 ft by 45ft. But if necessary we can provide smaller tracks when space is tight.
Technical Details

Price   From £1500 - £2500

Size    Various

Age Range  Adults And Children

Thrill Rating 8*

Freak Out


Ferris Wheel

Freakout Ride Hire
Victorian carousel
Ferris Wheel
This is one of the new breed of high speed, high G force thrill rides, perfect for the more adventurous fair goers. MORE...
Harking back to bygone days, the traditional Victorian Carousel, or "Galloping Horses".  MORE....
Up in the air, the big wheel is a treat for any event, "See The Fair From The Air."  MORE.....

Cyclone Twist
Miami Thrill Ride
Twister Thrill Ride
Meteorite Ride Hire
Our new state of the art Miami Trip, disco sounds, amazing lighting, fabulous thrills. MORE.....
Cyclone Twister, this one lives up to its name with high speed thrills for all ages. MORE.....
The power of centripital force, you are held in position by the high speed rotation, another thrill ride for all. MORE...
Waltzer Ride Hire
The waltzer is one of the oldest of the thrill rides, still a perfect choice for events. MORE...


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