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Hire A Ferris Wheel

See the fair from the air, the big wheel is another of those iconic classic fairground rides that everyone remembers. A little more sedate than some of our thrill ride offerings, this is not only perfect for a slightly more relaxed crowd, it also makes a superb centrepiece for any event, being seen for miles around.

Ferris Wheel Hire For Weddings

A vintage wheel is fabulous for photo opportunities, with the bride and groom pictured high in the sky. Team it with any of our other traditional rides to make a fabulous little private funfair for your event.

We can provide a perfect wedding service, set up before your guests arrive, operate the ride with music of your choice, and provide your guests with a delightful experience for young and old. Imagine the surprise when your guests see they have their very own ferris wheel.

Big Wheel For Corporate Events

When you are hiring traditional fun fair rides for company fun days or sales promotions, the wheel makes an ideal focal point. Visible from all over the event, it's a great centrepiece. Once your guests are lofted into the sky, their view of the whole event is fabulous.

You can however add to the experience with some of our other traditional rides. Keeping in theme any of the following make a perfect complement;

•Helter Skelter
•Victorian Carousel
•Victorian Games Stalls
•Victorian Food Carts

We can provide a complete service, with rides, games and catering for your event. Packages usually work out more cost effective than hiring separate items from different vendors.

Traditional Ferris Wheel
Giant Funfair Ferris Wheel
Eli Bridge Ferris Wheel
Safety Documentation

Our traditional funfair wheels are provided with;

•£10 Million Public Liability
•Up To Date Full Risk Assessments
•Comprehensive Method Statements
•ADIPS Annual Safety Certification
•Daily Inspection Device Log Book

These are all legally required, if you are hiring a fairground ride from someone that can't supply these then you may be held responsibility for any incidents or accidents.
Technical Details

Price   From £1500 - £2000

Size    44ft W - 34ft D

Age Range  Adults And Children

Thrill Rating 6*
The very first Ferris Wheel made its appearance in 1893. It was built for the Chicago World's Fair costing around $300,000.

George Washington Ferris, a civil engineer from Illenois designed and built it.

It carried over 1400 passangers and stood some 25 stories high.

The first wheel still holds the record as the largest wheel ever built weighing 1300 tons, and taking 20 minutes to make 1 complete turn.

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Ferris Wheel

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