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No event is complete without refreshments for your guests. Whether it is finger food, like the ever popular hot dog, something more substantial like burger and chips, or jacket potatoes, or purely fun like a stick of candy floss.

Funfair Catering Hire Options

We offer a comprehensive range of catering services, both hot and cold, food and drinks. We regularly attend major events serving in excess of 1000 guests, and equally regularly attend private parties with less than 50 present. We can prepare and supply a full menu of options with both main course and desserts, along with bar hire, and tea/coffee carts.

For many events, our traditional styled catering carts are just the ticket, for larger events you may need one of our dedicated catering units.

The following is just a sample of our huge range of offerings, contact us for a more comprehensive list;


•Jacket Potatoes
•French Fries
•Hot Dogs


•Ice Cream
•Dutch Pancakes

Fun Foods

•Candy Floss


•Gin Bars
•Frozen Cocktails
•Espresso Coffee Carts

All of our staff hold a minimum Level 2 hygiene certification, with managers holding level 3. We have a 5 star hygiene rating from our local authority.
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