Funfair Games For Hire

Funfair Games Hire

The funfair rides might grab all the glory at weddings and events, but side stalls and other fairground games supply just as much entertainment. Many a teen romance can be traced back to meeting at the fair, or feast. WIth adolescant young men trying to impress the girl of their dreams with their prowess on the shooting range, or wielding of the hammer on the test your strength.

Hire Funfair Games

For weddings, parties and events, we have a range of games units to suit all venues, indoors and outside, amongst our comprehnesive line up offerings, some of the most popular are;

•Coconut Shy
•Shooting Gallery
•Test Your Strength
•Ball In A Bucket
•Kentucky Derby
•Football Penalty
•Hook A Duck

Any of these can be supplied in our smaller Victorian side stalls range, or as a dedicated larger stand alone games unit. We also have a selection of multipurpose stalls that can take various games at the same time.

Themed Events And Corporate Events

If you are planning a family fun day, or team building event, or perhaps even a sales promotion, we can themed our range of attractions. This can be as simple as adding branded targets to the shooting gallery, right through to construction a fully branded custom built games unit for an exhibition. We also have a range of stalls themed around the Wild West, World War 2, Pirates, Clowns etc.

Hoopla Games Stall
Lucky Dip Game
Air Powered Tommy Guns
Paint Ball Shooting Gallery

Victorian Side Stalls

Wild West Sidestalls

Hook A Duck

Traditional Victorian Style Funfair Games
Wild West Themed Games
Hook A Duck Games Stall
Our most popular stalls, compact, quick set up times, and perfect for indoor or outdoor events. MORE...
Our specially themed Wild West games units, great gamplay with fabulous theming. MORE....
A Classic funfair game, the hook a duck, available in smaller sidestall versions or larger roundstall version. MORE.....

Basketball Stall
Test Your Strength
Kentucky Derby
Basketball Stalls
Test Your Strength
Kentucky Derby Game
Another classic game, basketball, in various sizes and options.
One to seperate the men from the boys, test your strength, can you ring the bell?
Roll the balls to make the horses gallop, a great interactive game allowing multiple players to compete against each other.
Horse Racing
Shooting Gallery
Various Games Units
Gold Cup Horse Racing Game
Funfair Shooting Gallery
Various Games Units
Very similar to our Kentucky Derby, only with this one the faster you gallop your hobby horse, the faster the horses on the race track move.
We have various shooting gallery options, from our Victorian sidestalls, with cork guns, through to our live 0.22 calibre rifle shooter.
We have many general purpose stalls that can accomodate a number of games such as darts, cans off the shelf etc.

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