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Health And Safety II

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Catering Safety

All of our catering operations comply with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) requirements, with each unit carrying a complete pack containing all of the inspection and health procedures that we adhere to.

The procedures in these packs are thoroughly re-examined every 3 months. Any changes or weakness are identified and new procedures put into place.

As a further safeguard, any foodstuffs we use on our carts are bought in freshly for each event. The only items that we store for any length of time are tinned foodstuffs which are sealed and have a long shelf life. Once these tins are open, anything left at the end of the event is disposed of in our hot composting system, we NEVER store and re use food that can become contaminated in any way.

If any weaknesses or problems identified on any of our catering operations, all of our other operations are immediately checked and the new systems or procedures put into place if necessary.
All of our staff handling food are trained in the requisite food handling and hygiene requirements and hold certification to at Least Level 2 in Food Safety, managers hold level 3 certificates, and senior management are working towards level 4. Suitable cleaning apparatus are carried as a matter of course with each, cart/stall/catering trailer etc.


Staff Training

Unfortunately there are currently no recognised training schemes or qualifications for funfair staff. Traditionally they have been trained “on the job”, which when done correctly equips them with the necessary skills for safely operating most funfair rides and games. Unfortunately when a lot of temporary or part time staff are employed it can lead to gaps in the training of some members of staff.

To remedy this we designed and implemented our own training scheme. All new members of staff are given a short introductory computerised course to explain how we work and the importance we place on health and safety. This is followed by a question and answer session to ensure they have understood everything. This is followed by similar systems tailored to the actual attractions they will be operating. Once they have received the correct training they are then allowed to operate under supervision to ensure that they are complying with our procedures. Once final approval is given by their trainer the details are recorded in their personal training log, along with a skills matrix that we maintain listing not only funfair specific training, but other out sourced course such as first-aid, fire Marshall, PAT testing etc.

To ensure our standards are maintained, every member of staff received a refresher course at least annually. If any of our event managers feel that a particular member of staff requires it, they can be given further instruction at any time.

Our aim is to provide the most professional cororate funfair experience in the UK.

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The logo for the Health and Safety executive, the body responsible for organising and upholding safety standards, not just within the fairground industry, but every industry in the U.K.
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