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Who Needs To Be Informed

At a small gathering in a local bistro, its probably a good idea to inform your guests of the event, otherwise it could be a little quiet, but there aren't usually any statutory bodies that you are required to talk to.

Larger events depend on what you are going to be doing, alcohol usually requires a temporary event notice if you are charging for it, if it is being given away then it doesn't fall under the retail sale of alcohol regulations so you don't need to apply for one, if you need one remember to do it in good time, applications that are late will be refused.

A peculiarity of the act (at least we think so) is that the T.E.N. act doesn't just cover alcohol, the full list of activities are;

So be careful, if you are having a live band or a late night event you could come under the terms of this. Normally you have to apply for a license 21 days before the event, but this has now been relaxed and you are allowed to apply for 10 Late TENS a year, these need putting in 5 days before.

A major event will also require first aid cover, and its probably a good idea to inform both the police and fire service.

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Event Planning Resources

Health and Safety Executive In depth details of the planning required for emergencies.  Some great planning details, but more for a community event rather then a corporate one.

Event Scotland Scotland has some different regulations to the rest of the UK so its worth checking details here.

Keynote Resources Some real in depth checklists for anyone organising an international event.

Event Managers Blog Worth a look through, details seem aimed more at planning a conference style event

Google Docs Templates Google drive templates for various event planning activities.

Best Cities    Again aimed at larger events, but some really good resources, you need to register on the site.

If you have any good resources you thing should be added then feel free to contact us and we can add them here. Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter, new tips and resources will be added throughout the season.

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